The Freedom of Forgiveness

Forgiving Self and Others

Forgiveness is a process, not an instantaneous event that occurs on command.  It is an emotional ongoing process that brings freedom and helps heal wounds.  Forgiveness does not mean forgetting the painful experience nor does it require reconciliation.  Instead, the freedom of forgiveness releases the control the hurts impose on one's life, relationships and spiritual connection with God.

Topics include:

  • Forgiveness fallacies and myths
  • Understanding the forgiveness process
  • God's wisdom regarding forgiveness
  • Forgiveness lessons from the story of Joseph
  • Knowing if you have truly forgiven others
  • How do I know if I have been forgiven?
  • The impact of the past on forgiveness

  • Does forgiveness require reconciliation?
  • Knowing how and who to forgive
  • Forgiving the unforgivable
  • Bible stories of forgiveness
  • Accepting the freedom of forgiveness
  • Making an effective forgiveness plan

Forgiveness Study Books

For the forgiveness class or independent study

Joseph: The Journey to Forgiveness

by Melissa Spoelstra

This six-week study explores what God has to say to us about grace and forgiveness through Joseph's story of trial and triumph found in Genesis 37-50.  The book studies Joseph's dreams, betrayers, dysfunctional family, and struggle to forgive.

Freedom of Forgiveness Workbook

Dr. Joy Smith

The Freedom of Forgiveness study workbook offers information, thought questions, and case studies about the forgiveness process from a biblical perspective.  See the table of contents below.

The Freedom of Forgiveness Workbook

Table of Contents

  • What is Forgiveness?
  • The Forgiveness Process
  • Forgiving Primary and Secondary Offenders
  • How Do I Know If I've Forgiven Someone?
  • Does Forgiveness Require Reconciliation?
  • The Impact of the Past on Forgiveness
  • Must the Offender Repent Before I Forgive?
  • A Sex Abuse Case Study
  • God's Role in Offender Accountability
  • Two Bible Stories of Forgiveness
  • Can God Really Forgive Me?
  • How Can a Loving God Let Bad Things Happen?
  • My Personal Forgiveness Plan
  • Bryan and Sara: A Forgiveness Case Study
  • Sherry and Jim: A Forgiveness Case Study
  • Forgiveness Resources