Heaven:  A Scriptural Study

The Bible doesn't reveal everything about heaven but scripture does provide a wealth of information that paints a beautiful picture of what is to come.  The many mysteries that remain will be made known when his plan is complete.. Heaven: A Scriptural Study is a class focused and directed by what God's word reveals to us.  Paul said, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him" (1 Corinthians 2:9). We eagerly anticipate the amazing heavenly home that awaits us!

Study Guides

The Real Heaven by Chip Ingram

The Real Heaven is used as a resource in the Heaven classes. Chip Ingram is the senior pastor of Venture Christian Church.  In addition, he is the teaching pastor and CEO of Living on the Edge, an international teaching and discipleship ministry.

Heaven: A Scriptural Study

The book Heaven: A Scriptural Study is an comprehensive study covering a number of topics related to heaven and the end times.  The content includes scripture referenced discussion, chart summaries of important concepts, end-time timelines and study questions.

Questions addressed in the class and class resource books

Two class resource books: The Real Heaven and Heaven: A Scriptural Study

Does Heaven Really Exist?

---Is heaven a physical place or a state of mind?

---Has anyone ever seen heaven?

---Is Revelation's account of heaven literal or symbolic?

---Where is heaven located?

What Will Heaven Be Like?

---Are different heavens described in the Bible?

---What is the new Jerusalem and what is it like? 
---What is the tree of life in heaven?

Will There Be a New Heaven and New Earth?

---Will our current earth be destroyed?
---Why will a new heaven and new earth be established?

---Will the old earth be cleansed with fire?

---What will the new earth look like?

What is the Tribulation?

---What happens during the tribulation?

---When does the tribulation begin?

---Who is the antichrist and what does he do?

---What happens at the end of the tribulation?

What is the Millennium?

---What does the Bible say about the millennium kingdom?

---Who will rule the earth during this time?

---Are there different views about the millennium?

What Happens After We Die?

---Why do we die?

---Where will believers go immediately after death?

---What is the immediate destination for those who

    don't accept Christ?

---What happens at the resurrection of believers?

---When are unbelievers resurrected?

---What happens at the final judgment?

---What is the Book of Life?

What About the Children?

---At what point does an unborn baby have a soul?

---What happens to an unborn, stillborn or young child

     after death?

---Why does God let children die?

---What age will children be in heaven?

What Will We Be Like in Heaven?

---What will our resurrected heavenly bodies be like?

---How old will we be in heaven?

---What happens when believers die before the rapture?     

---Will we recognize one another in heaven?

---Will we be aware of what is happening on earth?

What Will We Do in Heaven?

---Will there be churches in heaven?

---How will we worship there?

---Will we see God and Christ face to face?

---What kind of relationships will we have in heaven?

---Will we have assigned responsibilities in heaven?

---Will we eat and drink in heaven?

Will There be Rewards in Heaven?

---What does the Bible say about rewards in heaven?

---What kind of rewards will we receive?

---What are heavenly crowns?

What is the Way to Heaven and Eternal Life?

---What do I need to know about God's gift of salvation?

---How can I be saved?

---What about baptism?