Parenting in Today's World

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Heaven:  A Scriptural Study

The Journey of Parenthood

Our job as parents is to prepare children to excel in the real world by encouraging appropriate and responsible behavior as a means of increasing self-confidence and self-esteem. Children base their behavior and beliefs on the messages, choices and consequences they experience and observe.  Those who receive loving guidance with appropriate boundaries tend to be better equipped for responsible decision-making and addressing opportunities and challenges. 

When caring affirmation and appropriate boundaries are not effectively offered, children develop a false sense of how the real world functions. An unhealthy sense of entitlement, insecurity, and need for control can develop coupled with the belief that rules and consequences are not personally applicable. 

As children reach adulthood, parents continue to be an important part but no will longer be the center of their children’s universe. This is how it should be. Our most important work is to prepare children for the real world—our job is done only when they no longer need us to show them the way.

Parenting in Today's World:  Class Materials